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Latest PEI PNP Draw Invites 122 Foreign Workers and Entrepreneurs
Latest PEI PNP Draw Invites 122 Foreign Workers and Entrepreneurs
IRCC invites 730 candidates in a surprise Express Entry draw
IRCC Invites 730 Candidates in a Surprise Express Entry Draw
PEI PNP Draw - November 2, 2023
Recent PEI PNP Draw Invites 41 applicants
Manitoba PNP draw- 2 nov,2023
400 candidates Issued in Manitoba PNP Draw -Nov 2, 2023
Alberta draw
In the last two draws, 122 candidates were invited by the Alberta PNP
Canada Immigration Levels Plan 2024-2026
Canada Immigration Levels Plan 2024-2026 Update
BC PNP Draw-October 31, 2023
BC PNP Draw Issues 208 Candidates -Oct 31,2023
Quebec Arrima Draw- 26 oct 2023
Recent Quebec Arrima Draw issued 1,220 Candidates For PR
Ontario PNP Draw - Oct 30, 2023
Ontario PNP Draw Issues 1117 Invitations- Oct 30,2023
Express Entry Draw 271
Express Entry Draw 271- 3,600 invitations Issued, CRS 431
SINP draw
Latest Saskatchewan PNP Draw invites 99 applicants
Express Entry Draw 270
Express Entry Draw 270: 300 Invited, CRS 486, French Skill
October 24, 2023 BC PNP Draw
BC PNP Draw Issues 162 Candidates -Oct 24,2023
express entry draw
Express Entry Draw 269: October 2023 Update
Recent PEI PNP Draw Invites 104 applicants
Visa Processing Delay
Visa Processing Delay: Impact of Canada-India Diplomatic Dispute
BC PNP Draw- Oct 17,2023
BC PNP Draw Issues 157 Candidates -Oct 17,2023
skills immigration draw 11 oct livecic
BC Skills Immigration Draw issued 191 Candidates- Oct 11,2023
Alberta PNP Draw
Alberta PNP Draw invites 13 Candidates from Healthcare Occupations
Parents and Grandparents Program
Canada open 2023 Parents and Grandparents Program Lottery
Express Entry Draw #268
Express Entry Draw #268 : 3,725 ITAs Issued, CRS 500
542 candidates Issued in Manitoba PNP Draw
Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program
Recent PEI PNP Draw Focused Healthcare & food processing sector
Skills Immigration Draw
BC Skills Immigration Draw issued 191 Candidates- Oct 4,2023
Alberta PNP Draw
0ct3,23-Alberta PNP Draw Invites 33 skilled workers
Manitoba PNP draw
Sep28, 2023-Manitoba PNP Draw invites 1,072 skilled workers
Express Entry Draw
IRCC conducted Express Entry Draw 267 for Agriculture Sector
Express Entry Draw
Express Entry Draw 266: 500 Invited, CRS 472, French Skill
Express Entry Draw
Recent Express Entry Draw CRS dropped 27 points
Ontario PNP Draw
Recent Ontario PNP Draw Issues 1696 Invitations- Sep26,2023
Prince Edward ISLAND
PEI PNP Draw Invites 157 candidates on 21 Sep 2023
Recent Manitoba PNP Draw Iussed 620 candidates, Sep 21, 2023
Ontario PNP draw
Latest Ontario PNP draw Invites Skilled Francophone Workers
BC PNP Draw Issues 225 Candidates -Sep19,2023
Express Entry Draw
Express Entry Draw 264: Issues 1,000 Invitations
Ontario PNP Draw
Recent Ontario PNP Draw Invites 608 International Graduates
Express Entry Draw
Recent Express Entry Draw Invites 3,200 Candidates For PR
Express Entry Draw
Next Express Entry draw will be conducted for Transport Category
Recent BC PNP draw Issues183 ITAs from Tech, Childcare, and Healthcare
Quebec Arrima Draw
Recent Quebec Arrima Draw Iusses 1,433 Candidates Under RSWP
Manitoba PNP Draw
Recent Manitoba PNP Draw Iusses 558 Candidates For PR
ontario pnp draw
Current Ontario PNP Draw Invites French-Speaking Candidates
Parents and Grandparents Program
2023 – IRCC updates the Parents and Grandparents Program
BC PNP draw
Recent BC PNP Draw Invites 222 ITAs to Apply For Canada PR
Canada’s Rank Rises: Live Your Best Life in 2023
PEI PNP draw l
PEI PNP Draw issues 28 invitations to healthcare and others
Manitoba PNP
New Milestone: Manitoba PNP Invites 288 Skilled Workers
ontario pnp draw
Recent Ontario PNP Draw Iusses 772 Masters Graduates
bc pnp draw 3
BC PNP Draw Update: 155 ITAs in August’s Fifth Round
tech workers
32,000 Tech Workers Choose Canada’s Thriving Scene
manitoba pnp draw
Recent Manitoba PNP Draw Iusses 623 candidates
Alberta Express Entry
August Alberta Express Entry: 6 Draws, 647 ITAs
bc pnp draw
Recent BC PNP Draw Invites 230 Foreign Workers and Graduates
Immigrant Entrepreneurs
Canada Tops OECD List for Immigrant Entrepreneurs
OINP draw
Ontario’s recent OINP draw invited 2,835 candidates in Tech and Health sectors
Quebec Arrima Draw
Recent Quebec Arrima Draw issued 1,384 Candidates For PR
PEI PNP Draw: 142 Invitations Issued on August 17, 2023
Saskatchewan PNP
Saskatchewan PNP Draw issued 642 Candidates
Ontario PNP Draw
Ontario PNP Draw: Latest Invitations in Employer Job Offer Streams – August 15, 2023
Recent BC PNP Draw Invites 158 Candidates For PR
Express Entry Draw
4,300 ITAs Issued, CRS 496: Express Entry Draw #262
Recent Manitoba PNP draw issues 615 Invitations in August Month
Student Direct Stream
IRCC Adds New Language Tests for Student Direct Stream
British Columbia Draw
Recent British Columbia Draw Invites 195 Foreign Workers and Graduates
Temporary foreign workers
New pilot for Temporary foreign workers in Canada
Ontario Express Entry Skilled Trades Stream
Ontario Draw – 2,844 skilled trade stream candidates invited
Prince Edward Island
PEI PNP August 03, 2023 Draw: 58 ITAs Issued under Labor & Express Entry Stream
Ontario Draw
Ontario Draw Results: 840 Invitations Issued to Skilled Workers and International Graduates
Groundbreaking: Canada’s Inaugural Express Entry Draw for Trade Occupations
Express Entry Draw
IRCC conducts Express Entry draw for French language category
Recent BC PNP Draw Invites Skilled Workers and Entrepreneurs
express entry draw
Recent Express Entry Draw Invites 2,000 Candidates For PR
Manitoba PNP
Recent Manitoba PNP Draw Issues Another 609 Invitations
Ontario pnp
Recent Ontario PNP Draw Invites French-Speaking Candidates
bc pnp draw
Recent BC PNP Draw Invites 230 skilled worker and graduates
Recent Quebec Draw Invites 1633 Candidates To Apply For PR
PEI PNP Draw Update: New Opportunities for Foreign Workers in 2023
Ontario PNP Draw July 2023: Spotlight on Tech and Health Sector Professionals
Recent BC PNP Draw Invites 172 Candidates for PR
Recent New Brunswick Draw Invites 121 Candidates
manitoba pnp
Recent Manitoba PNP Draw Issues 540 Invitations
Recent Express Entry Draw Invites 800 Candidates For PR
Quebec draw
Current Quebec Draw Invites 1,218 Candidates For PR
Recent Ontario PNP Draw For Human Capital Priorities Stream
French-language category Express Entry draw held by IRCC
Recent Express Entry Draw Invites Healthcare Occupations
bc pnp draw
Current BC PNP Draw Invites Skilled Workers And Graduates
Express Entry STEM draw held by IRCC for the first time
IRCC Holds Unexpected Express Entry Draw
Express Entry draws
Canada Express Entry Draws: A Semi-Annual Overview, 2023
Canada PNP Draws: A Semi-Annual Overview, 2023
Recent PEI PNP Draw Invites From Labor And Express Entry
alberta pnp
June 2023: Five Alberta PNP Express Entry Draws Conducted
manitoba, manitoba draw
Latest Manitoba PNP Draw Invites 587 Candidates
Quebec RSWP Draw, quebec draw
Recent Quebec RSWP Draw Invites 1,006 Candidates For PR
Express Entry draw
First Category-Based Express Entry Draw Conducts by IRCC
185 candidates invited to BC PNP June 4th draw
express entry draw
Recent Express Entry Draw Issued 4,300 ITAs for Canada PR
open work permits, canada family visa, spouse visa
Canada Approves Open Work Permits for Spouses & Dependents
canada pr, biometric submission
Canada PR Applicants Must Now Provide Biometrics.
Canada's Population
Canada’s Population Surpasses 40 Million: A Landmark Event
British Columbia PNP
British Columbia PNP invites 149 candidates to latest draw
New Brunswick PNP
93 Candidates Invited to Latest New Brunswick PNP Draw
Current PEI PNP draw invites from Labour and Express Entry
manitoba draw
Thrilling Update: 540 Invites for PR in Latest Manitoba Draw
Highlights of the Alberta Advantage Immigrant Program (AAIP) Draws in May 2023
Boosting Growth: BC PNP Second Draw Invites 211 Potential Immigrants
Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program
Saskatchewan EOI Invites 500 Skilled Workers in Latest Draw
IRCC Extends Invitations to Express Entry Candidates in Initial June Round.
ontario draw
New Ontario Draw: Exciting Opportunity Beckons for French-Speaking Skilled Workers
visa free travel
News Flash: Canada Implements Visa Free Travel for 13 Countries
Manitoba, latest canada immigration news
PNP Boost: BC & Manitoba Call Skilled Workers for Immigration
express entry, latest express entry draw, canada express entry draw
Enhancing Canadian Prosperity through Express Entry New Category-based Selection
4 New English Language Tests
IRCC has granted approval to four additional English language tests for the Student Direct Stream (SDS).
ontario, engineers in canada , canada immigration news
Ontario Boosts Engineers: No Work Experience Requirement
family reunification, camada super visa
Enhancing Family Reunification in Canada: Strengthening Efforts for a United Future
“IRCC Invites 4,800 Candidates in Latest Express Entry Draw: Positive News for Immigration Seekers”
BC PNP Latest Draw Invites 204 Foreign Workers and Graduates
BC PNP Latest Draw Invites 204 Foreign Workers and Graduates

What occurs if there are modifications to my Express Entry profile subsequent to obtaining my ITA?

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express entry ,express entry profile
express entry, canada immigration, express entry profile

undergo changes after securing an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Permanent Residency (PR) in Canada. When this happens, it’s vital to maintain their PR eligibility until their electronic Application for Permanent Residence (eAPR) is fully submitted.

Express Entry, implemented by Canada’s federal government, is a system overseeing immigration applications from three key programs: the Canadian Experience Class (CEC), the Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP), and the Federal Skills Trade Program (FSTP). As per the Immigration Levels Plan for 2023-2025, Canada aims to accept a minimum of 82,000 new immigrants via the Express Entry system annually over the next three years.

To immigrate to Canada through Express Entry, aspirants must join the pool and upload their profiles to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website. The next step is to wait for an ITA. Without an ITA, applying for PR is not possible. Recipients of the ITA must submit their eAPR within 60 days.

A common query among Express Entry candidates is, “What happens if my Express Entry profile changes after receiving my ITA?” This article aims to clarify this question and offer advice for a smooth immigration application process through Express Entry.

Impact of Profile Changes and Consequences of Incorrect Profile Information

Post the Express Entry draw, when ITAs for Canadian PR are issued, changes in the ITA recipient’s profile may occur. Such alterations could significantly affect the CRS score, which is only “locked” once the eAPR is submitted. For instance, a candidate could experience a career or education change, get married, celebrate a birthday, or see their language test results expire, all before submitting their eAPR.

It’s crucial to keep your profile accurate and current. Providing “false information [or omitting] important details” can lead to the refusal of immigration applications, declarations of inadmissibility, or a ban on applying for up to five years.

Updating Express Entry Profile After ITA Receipt

To prevent the repercussions of false or incorrect profile information, applicants can follow the guide below to update their Express Entry profiles after receiving an ITA. Prior to an ITA, candidates can amend their profiles without explanation. However, once an ITA is issued, changes are officially recorded in the Global Case Management System (GCMS), hence updates should either:

Incorporate additional supporting documents to verify the changed circumstances (such as marriage or career change) to ensure profile accuracy, or
Send a Letter of Explanation (LOE) when gathering the necessary supporting documents is not feasible.
An LOE allows applicants to state that despite trying to gather all required documents within the 60-day time frame, they couldn’t do so.

Impact of Profile Changes on CRS Score

Post-ITA profile changes can alter the CRS score, affecting the chances of receiving an ITA in a future Express Entry draw. The CRS score can vary based on different elements in the profile. For instance, securing a valid job offer or enhancing language test scores, education, or relevant work experience can earn more points and improve the chances of getting an invitation for Canadian permanent residence.

Profile Changes and PR Eligibility

Certain profile changes can render candidates, who were previously eligible, now ineligible for PR. This is crucial as the Express Entry profile is not finalized until the eAPR is submitted to the IRCC. For example, if the language test results expire before the eAPR submission or if a candidate no longer meets the IRCC’s proof of funds requirements, they would become ineligible for PR.

Handling Profile Changes and Potential Processing Time Delays

Changes in profiles may require IRCC to reassess a candidate’s eligibility for PR via Express Entry, potentially prolonging the application processing time. Therefore, candidates should strive to submit required documents and profile updates promptly to avoid application delays.

Minimizing Negative Impact of Profile Changes

The key to managing profile changes post-ITA is updating information promptly and proactive communication with immigration authorities. If a change is foreseen, inform the authorities as soon as possible.

In addition, considering the professional advice of a certified Canadian immigration lawyer can be beneficial. They can assist with accurately completing forms and applications, liaise with the Canadian government on the applicant’s behalf, and use their expertise to avoid critical errors during the immigration process.

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